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A Case Study on “Project Management”

Being a Business School it’s significantly important that we facilitate our students to enhance their enterprise knowledge, leadership skills and business acumen from a global perspective. Through classroom discussions and globally focused case studies, students will understand the macro-level business dynamics and the economic environment. To carry this approach forward, Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies organized a case study webinar on “Project Management” to equip students with global business perspectives on 15th March 2023.

The Resource Person, Dr. Sarvesh Swarup from Elliot City, Maryland, USA has a Strong professional and academic credential with rich techno-economic experience spanning over 35 years across high ranking positions with the Government of India and association with several leading economic bodies, medium to large corporates and management institutes. Received commendations from the highest quarters and led prestigious trade and project management assignments in India and globally, especially overseas with the Indian embassy in USA and as Deputy Director General, World Bank Directorate, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

His area of expertise is “Project Management”. He presented a case study on the unique research he has done on the world famous engineering marvel HOOVER DAM project at USA which was constructed under extreme adverse geographic and climatic conditions. Therefore by improvising time and cost effective management tools, construction time was reduced from seven years to five years, more than 75 years ago. He focused on the effective integration of the technicalities along with project specific & situation oriented management tools.

The presentation covered the following parameters :

  • The grand canyons and the topology of the region.
  • Objectives and salient features regarding the conceptualization of the project
  • Socio economic, socio political and legal parameters related to the construction of the project
  • Management tools and techniques
  • Network analysis and mathematical formulae undertaken to minimize the construction time to optimal extent.
  • Fringe benefits delivered such as flood control, river regulation, power generation and economic growth of the desert region.

The spectacular presentation followed by an interactive session kept the students enthralled by the expertise, scintillating & motivational deliberation which emphasized on involvement, understanding of the ecosystem, and acclimatizing with the business nexus of the continent.