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Freshers Day on 10 Feb 2021

Over the last few years technology is transforming all rules about society; as a result has an impact on how people think & lead. Digital technology is evolving, so leaders & organizations need to evolve with it.

Digital transformation is not about technology, it’s actually about how you build the culture and capabilities necessary for people to use these digital assets.

Changes in education scenario, especially due to the pandemic have brought out the importance of handing huge data, with focus on the use of technologies & strategies to achieve a competitive advantage and adapt to the new normal. This has led to the generation of an astonishing amount of data that can be used to create knowledge for higher decision making. Knowledge is a valuable resource that contributes to better organizational performance. Revolution in knowledge management has brought new forms of learning and knowledge creation, such as big data analytics. This has led to new ways of learning, knowledge creation & teaching. The question is how to make impact & how to tackle these changes. We need to harness digital technology and data transfer in order to build organizations which are more innovative, agile and can really sustain success over time. The three approaches that we must pay attention to is what does it mean to be a digitally mature organization, how do we get there and finally who you need to be as a leader to do that. The inaugural session of the FDP commenced with recitation of Qirath by Mohammed Tahir, our BBA Student. Dr. B. A. Anuradha, Principal delivered the welcome address introducing & felicitating the Chairman, Mr. Umar Ismail Khan, who presided over the function; and Dr. Satish Kumar S, today’s Chief Resource Person is a B.E., PGDBM (XLRI), UGC-NET, Ph.D., and has worked for many Corporates, contributing two decades for statistics & data science. Dr. B. A. Anuradha spoke about digital age and data driven era, with prominence of data both online and offline. She said that data is the new oil and that the dominance of google or technology cannot replace a teacher. Mr. Umar Ismail Khan, Chairman Al-Ameen Educational Society talked about Al-Ameen Educational Society and the various institutions run by them since 1966. He spoke about the passion of his father, Late Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Saheb to educate the masses, empowering & ushering the community towards development. This passion has driven Al-Ameen to charge nominal fees and yet provide the best of Infrastructure & Knowledge Delivery. His vision is that our institutions be in par with the top colleges of the country. Since technology is evolving, so leaders, decision makers & organizations need to evolve with it. He said that the success mantra at “Al-Ameen” is team effort & a zeal for positive social engagement - spear headed by the dynamic Principal. Dr. Satish Kumar S gave a brief introduction on the topic, stating that Data Analytics is a much needed science. He thanked the Chairman & the Management for giving him an opportunity to share and impart knowledge to the teaching fraternity. The Technical Section of the FDP “Adoption of Data Analytics for Teaching Management Education” comprised of Analytics in Marketing, Analytics in Human Resources, Analytics in Operations and Analytics in Finance. A positive outlook on how analytics can be used to gain a competitive advantage or as a critical driver of operational improvement is the “essence of our strategic vision at Al-Ameen”. Academia has to address and take up the challenge to produce & handle big data to meet the present and future demands effectively. Everything we do in the digital realm—from surfing the web to sending an email to conducting a credit card transaction to, yes, making a phone call—creates a data trail – “ just like “Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus” inspiring yet challenging, pragmatic yet optimist – to promote sustainable prosperity, this time around for EDUCATION.” Overall, data analytics in any form provides excellent support for eventual success. And that must be constantly on our mind! This insight led us to organize an FDP on Adoption of Data Analytics for Teaching Management Education – the need of the hour ! Certificates were given to 40 faculty participants from various colleges around Bangalore. Dr. Abdul Rizwan Shariff, Vice Principal, proposed the vote of thanks.