Affiliated to Bengaluru City University
[ Formerly Known as Bangalore University ]
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi | Accredited with B++ by NAAC.

Hon. Secretary’s Message

Al-Ameen strives to provide an educational experience that prepares all of our students to address the needs & challenges of a diverse & changing world whilst at the same time fostering a culture of innovation.

For this we need to be passionately committed to embracing diversity, work hard, practicing inclusiveness, integrity, promoting equality so as to push the frontiers of knowledge to an entire next level, on par with the top-notch B-schools around the world.

We work collectively to provide research & education building on the organization’s long tradition and continue our commitment to equality of opportunity and to engendering inclusivity.

The distinctive democratic structure of Al-Ameen continues to offer a source of strength & together with our colleges, create environments which are supportive to students and promote interdisciplinarity.

I invite you to experience education at Al-Ameen where faculty interests are boundless, where ambitious & imaginative students want to study and where flexible and porous disciplinary boundaries enable us to shape and reshape its future in a changing world.

Do join us to forward this noble endeavour and make this a reality !

Mr. Zubair Anwar

Hon. Secretary