Affiliated to Bengaluru City University
[ Formerly Known as Bangalore University ]
Approved by AICTE, New Delhi | Accredited with B++ by NAAC.

Management - Al-Ameen Educational Society

The members of the Management of Al-Ameen Educational Society’s continuous endeavour is to :

  • Motivate the importance of education.
  • Focus on browbeaten sections of the society.
  • Provide ample opportunity to educate & succeed.
  • Help irradiate illiteracy.
  • Raise the standard of living
  • Boost economic growth

Members of the Management

Mr. Umar Ismail Khan


Mr. Ahmed Shariff Siraj


Mr. Mohammed Ziauddin


Mr. Zubair Anwar

Hon. Secretary

Dr. Masood Ali Khan

Hon. Treasurer

Mr. Ibrahim Khan @ Afzal

Joint Secretary

Mr. K Mohd. Yousuff Khan @Aslam

Elected Member

Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Baig

Elected Member

Dr. Ashfakh Ahmed

Elected Member

Mr. Syed Noorul Islam

Elected Member

Mr. Zaffar Ulla Khan

Elected Member

Mr. Syed Ahmed

Elected Member

Mr. Mohammed Fazil Hussain

Elected Member

Mr. Mohammed Zulfikar Ali

Joint Secretary, Bangalore Division

Mr. Syed Umar Farooq

Joint Secretary, Mysore Division

Mr. Syed Mahaboob Ali

Joint Secretary, Gulbarga Division

Mr. Riyaz G Faroqui

Joint Secretary, Belgaum Division

Mr. Mohammed Saifulla

Co-opted Member

Mr. Peer Pasha Kamal

Co-opted Member

Mr. Saqeeb-Ulla Shariff

Co-opted Member

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Sayeed

Co-opted Member

Mr. Mohammed Nayaz Ahmed

Co-opted Member