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Inauguration of MBA Course 2022-23 Batch 28th February 2023

At Al-Ameen we are passionate in our belief that the future of the country depends on the ability to produce a diverse and diversified core of graduates who will be the architects of a new economy – one that will be anchored in new knowledge and knowledge service industries. All this is aligned with our vision & our strategies which reflect in the concrete actions concerning ethical leadership, ethics, equality, tolerance, inclusiveness & care for the environment ensuring that we fall in line with the highly competitive job markets across the globe.

It was with great pleasure & enthusiasm that we welcomed our new batch of MBA students on 28th February 2023. It’s a moment of pride & entitlement to support all the students in their learning, discovery, leadership development, and engagement activities both on and off-campus. We will ensure to provide endless opportunities to engage the students in diverse activities by inspiring the students to learn and grow to be future-ready to address complex challenges in the community and around the world.

The Inauguration of the MBA course commenced with recitation of the Qirath by Arafat Khan, MBA student. The Principal, Dr. B. A. Anuradha in her welcome address gave tenants of wisdom on “Earnings”, “Spending”, “Savings”, “Taking Risks”, “Investment” & “Expectations” as advised by Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. She spoke highly of the dignitaries present on the occasion, who had each donned several hats, held various prestigious positions and are indeed a true inspiration to the budding managers & entrepreneurs.

Dr. Samartha Raghavan Nagabhushanam, Chief Guest is the CEO of four national & international companies such as Videocon, Mindtree Pvt., Ltd., Kyocera, Cubera Technologies, and Ramaiah Evaluate Startup Eco System which have spread its wings over 5 countries and yields revenues from 17 countries. Dr. Samartha has monitored 30 startups and is the Vice-Chairman of World Organization for Students & Youth. In his address, Dr. Samartha welcomed the future managers and entrepreneurs and motivated them to work towards the overall development of the country by concentrating not just on value optimization but on value creation as well. He spoke about the current situation of India in terms of per capita and gave the example of how Japan, who has reconstructed & developed their economy after the treacherous Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing in 1945. Alongside he asked the students to contemplate on the importance of Ethics in life too, which is an important tool for success.

The Guest of Honour, Mr. Karthik Tallam, Honorary Consul, Royal Consulate of the Kingdom of Cambodia who is an entrepreneur & hails from a business family, instrumental in founding the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FKCCI) as well as Vysya Bank. He congratulated the students to be the chosen ones to have joined MBA in Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies. He shared a few pearls of wisdom with the students as a mantra of success, i.e., to be proactive, to set goals in life, to understand in order to be well understood, to prioritize tasks, to be a team player and to synergize.

Dr. C. Manohar, who is the Regional President, Indo American Chamber of Commerce and has held highly distinguished positions across sectors, an ardent speaker and a prolific writer was also a Guest of Honour. He said that he enjoyed the aura and the energy at Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies and greatly impressed with the Chairman, Hon. Secretary and the Principal. He wished that the students start a great journey and write a story which is well read as a successful one, bringing glory and building a strong India. He gave a new dimension to the word “RAGGING” – Respect all, Accept all, Give all you have (enjoy) which leads to Getting back, Involve in teamwork, Network with people in order to Grow. He narrated motivational stories that bring out the fact that in reality love, compassion & friendship is what makes one rich not just money. He asked the students to be brave like Mr. Zubair Anwar, rich & flourishing like Mr. Umar Ismail Khan and a star like Dr. Anuradha. He told that students to have an Attitude, Interest, Magnanimity and become Superstars akin to acronym of AIMS – Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies.

In his presidential remarks Mr. Umar Ismail Khan, Chairman, Al-Ameen Educational Society congratulated the students to have joined Al-Ameen, where a good dedicated team will reinvigorate and ramp up their professional journey. He said the students’ success means our success and the institution will take great pride on their achievements. He advised the students to respect everyone; be in the company of brave people who will help and motivate them; work hard; cultivate good character, humbleness & patience; and lastly stay fit & healthy. He commended the elite dignitaries for sharing their experiences in a nutshell and for their expertise, enlightenment & good advice to the incoming students.

He advised the students to take part in the Job Fair scheduled in our campus on 4th March 2023, where over 100 Corporates are invited. He asked the students to capitalize on this experience which is definitely a great opportunity for them.

Welcome kits were distributed to the Ist Semester MBA students by Dr. Samartha, Mr. Karthik Tallam, Dr. C. Manohar, Mr. Umar Ismail Khan, Mr. Zubair Anwar, Hon.Secretary, Al-Ameen Educational Society and Dr. B. A. Anuradha.

Dr. Abdul Rizwan Shariff, Vice Principal of Al-Ameen Institute of Management Studies thanked the dignitaries for their valuable thoughts & for sharing their vision which would go a long way in inspiring and encouraging the students.